“What do the Stars say about your Pooch”
By More Than Paws
April 8, 2008


(20 March – 20 April)            

The Natural Born Leader...

The Aries dog loves to be the boss and is often referred to as ‘The Leader of the Pack’.
He’s a ‘Me First’, high-energised pooch who will pick a fight anywhere, even if the opponent is five times his size!

Don’t ever expect to take the Aries for a quiet stroll, he will drag you from post to post with urgent excitement, often choking himself in the process!

An Aries dog will want instant attention and praise.
He is not equipped mentally to wait, patience is not in the Aries nature.

While the Aries is feisty, he will do anything to get you to like him.
Lack of attention can lead to rebellious disobedient behaviour.

Discipline and plenty of exercise will keep this bundle of noise at bay.
They are very active and energetic, and require the odd challenge.

However, due to their reckless and daring nature, they can be prone to accidents.


(21 April – 21 May)   

A lazy food freak!

The Taurus dog is predictable and prefers a steady routine.

He is not big on exercise and would probably be happier in the car with his head out the window driving past the park, rather than walking there!

He is happy to go with the flow and plod along in life and is also very easy to train.

He will steal your heart, as well as any un-attended food!
A well balanced diet is required to avoid obesity.

Set in his ways and needing comfort and security, the Taurus is unlikely to run away from home.

This faithful and loyal creature has incredible devotion and will never let you down.


(22 May – 21 June)

Just like the human race, the Gemini dog has a split personality.

The Gemini pooch is like the eternal puppy, requires constant attention and oozes charm!
There will never be a dull moment in your life as long as the Gemini dog is around.

So much to see, so much to do, and so little time!
The Gemini is notoriously nosey, always on the go and into anything and everything, whether you are watching or not !

While unpredictable, he is also very smart.
Gemini minds bore quickly as they think of the next thing they can do.
This Dog can often resort to barking as an attention seeking effort when boredom reaches maximum.

Variety will definitely prove to be the spice of life.


(22 June – 23 July)

A very timid and shy type, the Cancer Dog needs love and attention and plenty of cuddles.

His whole life revolves around feeling safe and secure.

He hates to see you leave home, even for short periods of time, and will wait anxiously for your return.
So sensitive and physic is the Cancer pooch, he will sense when you are about to leave, even when you don’t think you make it obvious.

The Cancer dog is a bit of a home-body and requires constant petting and reassurance.
He will often follow you quietly around the house, one minute he was in the other room, now he is at your feet while you cook in the kitchen.

He can appear moody at times, but will be your best buddy and side companion.


(24 July – 23 August )

Larger than life!

He is a domineering natural born leader that needs to be put in his place early.

The Leo dog likes to be the centre of attention and will steal your chair first opportunity he gets!

He shamelessly thinks he is wonderful, and in his eyes, you should too!

No tined food for this Super Star, only the best will do.
Home cooked meals, five-star accommodation and a few extra luxury items will satisfy his ego.

But whatever expectations the Leo dog has, it all comes back to wanting your attention and affection.


(24 August – 23 September)

Picky and fussy, but knows his place and just wants a simple life.
This dog loves routine, and so will you, eventually!

The Virgo Pooch is a domestic creature, and is in his element as your friend and companion.  He just loves human contact.

This one pooch who will love his baths!

The Virgo can also be a bit of a hypochondriac, a single flea and they will be convinced they are plagued from head to toe!  However, the Virgo does have a tendency to suffer from stomach upsets, which can lead you to believe he is just being ‘fussy’.

Born to serve his master, strong but gentle, this dog could be classed as the easiest ever.


(24 September – 23 October)

A balanced, calm and peaceful nature.
Very accommodating, adapts well to changes and loves the company of other pets.

With the Libra dog, you will always come first.
He does need attention, and will constantly be trying to please you, but is generally tolerant of all situations.

The Libra pooch is the quiet silent type constantly observing his surroundings and the daily ‘goings-on’.

The Libra would have to be the most laid back of all dogs.


(24 October – 22 November)

Devoted would be an understatement.
The Scorpio will literally put his life on the line for you.

Generally thickset with handsome features, the Scorpio dog is the most loyal and protective of all.

The Scorpio pooch is not necessarily a one man dog, he will take all the family ‘under his wing’.

They are highly intelligent, but still require lots of reassurance.

The Scorpio does like to live on the edge a little, always pushing the boundaries that little bit further to see how far they can go.


(23 November – 22 December)

The problem dog, but fun-loving all the same.

The Sagittarius is a complex character, easily bored and determined to get to the bottom of everything… regardless of the mess they make!
What you don’t cringe at, you will most surely laugh at, the Sagittarius is rather clumsy.

Regular exercise and excitement are important as the Sagittarius pooch does like to wander.
If you don’t take him out for a trip, he will take himself out to explore.

This dog never slows down, he is enthusiastic about everything and anything.

The Sagittarius doesn’t train well, he is not a fan of being told what to do.
A firm hand is required to rein this one in!


(23 December – 19 January)

The Capricorn Dog is a strange breed, very serious but hardworking and obedient.

He is very practical but likes to feel he is in control.  He is probably the most patient of all dogs and is very independent.

This dog will be the one to gently nudge you when its time for dinner rather than make a scene.

The Capricorn pooch will thrive on reassurance and acknowledgement of his behaviour.
Be sure to have treats on hand!


(20 January – 19 February)

This unpredictable and highly strung character will have you pulling your hair out at times.
Always up for adventures, you will never know what bizarre antics to expect next.

As expected, the Aquarius pooch loves the water, whether it’s a bath or a trip to the beach.

Although the Aquarius can be quite cheeky, their loyalty and easy going nature will win hearts.
The Aquarius is referred to as ‘The Friend’.

Beware, he does bare a stubborn streak.


(20 February – 19 March)

Yet another split personality with what may be referred to as ‘doggy dementia’.

The Pisces pooch is sweet and dreamy, often in their own world oblivious to the goings on around them.

He is at the utmost point of relaxation, cool, calm and collected.

The Pisces dog is another big fan of the water, his favourite outing would be to the beach.

A sudden change of environment will cause the Pisces pooch great discomfort.


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